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You are cordially invited to the exhibition and reception of SINK a photographic series by Jorge Villarreal.

Exhibition Opening

In the series "Sink" artist Jorge Villarreal explores still-life photography using his friends' sinks. The imagery chosen represents life experienced and that is constantly evolving. Bone, heart, milk, flowers and other organisms all speak to Villarreal's fascination with life and death and the beauty in both, which are all concurrent subjects in his work.

"Sink" can be viewed as a set of altars representing multiple states of being, stages of life or simply as staged environments evincing Villarreal's interest for design and color.

When: August 10th, 2018 | 6pm - 8pm

Where: La Fototeca de Cuba

Mercaderes #307 La Plaza Vieja - La Habana - Cuba


Please join us after the exhibition opening for a private reception at restaurant-bar "Habanera".

There will be drinks and live music to celebrate with artist and guests. 


6PM - 8PM | SINK: Exhibition at "La Fototeca de Cuba"

Mercaderes #307 La Plaza Vieja

La Habana - Cuba


9PM - 11PM | Reception at "Habanera" 

Calle 16 - La Habana - Cuba


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