"Blü" 2012
 In the series "Sink" artist Jorge Villarreal explores the rituals of cleansing. The imagery chosen represents life experienced and that is constantly evolving.  Bone ,  heart ,  milk , and  flowers  all speak as Villarreal's fascination with  life ,  death , and  decay , which are all concurrent subjects in his work. "Sink" can be viewed as a set of altars representing multiple states of being or simply as staged environments representing Villarreal's interest for design.        En la series "Sink" artista Jorge Villarreal explora los rituales de la limpieza. Las imágenes representan la experiencia de vida y su constante evolución. Hueso, Corazón, Leche y Flores todo habla de la fascinación de Villarreal con la Vida, Muerte y Decadencia, sujetos concurrentes en sus obras. "Sink" puede ser visto como un conjunto de alteraciones que representan múltiples estados de ser o simplemente como escenarios que representan el interés de Villarreal por el diseño.
 Wet is an ongoing project that San Antonio artist and photographer Jorge Villarreal begun in the summer of 2016 in Havana, Cuba. in this series, Villarreal uses spontaneous and uncontrolled condensation, water, or soap to create dreamlike landscapes. The interactions between surface and substance creates sensuous blurred visions to form the lack of lines and structure resulting in captured clouds of color that occupy space. Since the depth of field is disturbed, the surface becomes the only true subject matter and what is beyond becomes an alternate reality.
 The Robaina Family was chosen to be the sole producer of the country’s finest tobacco by Fidel Castro. Finca Robaina grows and sells tobacco to major distributors Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta and Monte Cristo.  Alejandro Robaina, considered the “Godfather of Cuban Tobacco,” ran the Finca all his life. He passed away in 2010.  The man photographed in this series was Alejandro’s personal cigar roller for 47 years.     Photographed in "Finca Robaina, Vinales, Cuba"  2013
 “All My Friends Are Sketchy” is a photographic collection of individuals captured in Villareal’s travels.  Each photograph has been digitally manipulated blending real with surreal, through mixed media, to reveal a raw and exposed existence, the cross of mediums communicates the nature of perception and reality through the visual.  The work speaks to our connection with culture and the human experience which is illustrated by the stark white subjects’ bare vulnerability that simultaneously depicts the immense density of being.       "Elbia"
 Moshe Safdie: Bentonville, Arkansas 2015